Central Cape Breton Community Ventures Inc. (CCBCVI) is an incorporated and registered business entity with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia since 1999, and its membership base consists of community volunteers who have an enthusiasm for this project and the economic development of the Iona region. CCBCVI is a not for profit company serving the entire Central Cape Breton region with the goal of economic growth and investment attraction.

Àros na Mara is the vision of CCBCVI. The community group has spent the past two decades exploring and researching the strong potential in the marine science, environmental education and tourism sectors. Originally proposed because of the immense potential of the Bras d’Or ecosystem for scientific discovery, the Port of Iona is known as a popular attraction devoted to the wonders of marine life in and around Cape Breton Island, and is a catalyst for community economic development in the region. The new Centre will be a highly successful travel generator and much needed additional tourism destination, by diversifying tourism product on the Island, leveraging existing tourism assets and extending visitor length of stay.

Who we are