Business Goals

As outlined in Central Cape Breton Community Ventures Inc. Governing Policies, the company was formed to:

  • Actively pursue, promote and advance community-based economic development opportunities in the Central Region of Cape Breton Island;
  • Initiate and support social and cultural activities to foster and promote the establishment of “centres of excellence” in the Central Region of Cape Breton Island.

In keeping with its business goals,CCBCVI plans to utilize its local marine infrastructure by constructing a quality, shore-side educational facility that monitors and augments the workings of aquatic life in the natural laboratory that is the Bras d ’Or Lake.

The economic challenges rural Cape Breton Island face demand a contemporary vision, interpretation planning, innovative approaches, collaboration, and a greater willingness to take on calculated risks associated with economic change and progress. There is no shortage of enthusiasm on the parts of the proponents. Local volunteers have been the key human capital component in our successful community- based developments.

Àros na Mara is a fundamental piece of the tourism/cultural puzzle that when nurtured to its full potential has the opportunity that will fulfill and benefit not only the community of Iona, but all of Cape Breton Island. The economic potential of this ecological resource will assist tremendously in achieving strategic objectives as they relate to cross-cultural tourism, heritage, eco-tourism, ocean literacy, the sharing of marine learning, renewable energy options and science interpretation; while collaborating in research and development partnerships and environmental networking, with private and public sector leadership and investment.

Iona Port