The Àros na Mara Centre will:

The Àros na Mara Centre will be designed to satisfy the convergent interests of marine science, environmental education, tourism, and renewable energy. When combined into a single facility, they become financially sustainable through the sharing of physical plant and human resources, and give social relevance and an important physical context to one another.

Four major objectives of the Àros na Mara Centre are:

  • To create a must-see tourist destination presenting life in the oceans and the undersea world of the Bras d’Or Lake through aquaria, multi-media theatre, and interactive technology and exhibits. This would also include scientific demonstrations.
  • To establish a marine science research facility at Iona that focuses on the waters of the Bras d’Or Lake, offering a unique opportunity for visiting research scientists and applied research for corporate and government clients.
  • To provide educational services in marine science and the environment to university, college, school students, and to the general public, through specialized programs, annual visits, and exposure to exhibits and programs.
  • To utilize a renewable energy component in the operation of the facility to diminish energy costs while inviting tourist exploration, examination and scrutiny.
  • CCBCVI is very confident that these objectives can be achieved and that the Àros na Mara Centre will be a successful operating enterprise delivering long-term sustainable economic benefits to Cape Breton Island and the Province of Nova Scotia.



The Àros na Mara Centre strives:

  • For rural development, self-empowerment, local and international awareness
  • For expanded awareness of a globally unique buoyant ecosystem: (Bras d ’Or Lake)
  • For renewable energy evaluation, demonstration, innovation, and implementation
  • For marine research, education, and economic cross-cultural & marine eco-tourism
  • For private and public sector vision, imagination, ingenuity, investment, and lasting legacy